Southside Shelties

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Performance dogs as friends for life

Welcome to Southside Shelties!

Welcome to Southside Shelties!  We are lovers of both shelties and dog sports!  We are located in Northwest Indiana, about 30 minutes from Chicago.  Our goal is produce top performance dogs which possess great temperaments and personalities, so that they excel in whatever they choose to do -- agility, herding, other dog sports, or simply being a great family companion!  We only have a few dogs, so of course they live in the house with us and just love to be around people!  All of our dogs are genetically health tested, and are clear of any genetic issues, so as to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

Shetland sheepdogs, more affectionately known as "shelties," are members of the herding group.  While many people think of them as small collies, or miniature Lassies, they are a completely separate breed of dog.  They are typically 13-16" tall, with weight proportionate to their height.  These little fluffballs can be considered high spirited dogs, but keep in mind, this is also what makes them such great performance dogs -- they aim to please and love to learn new things!  They are very versatile dogs and can adapt to many situations.

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