Southside Shelties

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About Us

Who We Are

Hi!  My name is Ashley.  I've owned shelties for over 13 years now, but I have adored these dogs ever since I was little. I've known people with shelties all my life, and could not wait to get one of my own...and of course, when I finally did... I was hooked!

I acquired my first sheltie shortly after I entered law school in 2008.  

Pictured to the left is my original sheltie, Kailey.  Kailey was a pet store sheltie, and was spayed as soon as she was old enough.  She's not quite breed standard (she's much too tall), but she has the sheltie drive and sheltie personality.  Getting to experience life with her has only increased my love for the breed even more.  She is an awesome companion!  She's very smart and has always been willing to learn.  She has always been willing to do whatever is asked of her.  In her older age, she's started to have "selective hearing," but we still love her anyway.  She started it all though...

The photo to the left is of Kailey when she was 3 years old.

To learn more about Kailey and our other shelties, past and present, check out the "Our Shelties" page.