Southside Shelties

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Available Puppies

-- this page has been updated on 3/16/23 --

"Jasper" -- CHW sable merle male -- AVAILABLE!

"Jasper" -- CHW sable merle male
       born 1/14/23

--pics taken 2/18/23 -- 5 weeks old--

--ready to go NOW--

Jasper has the traditional Irish markings (full white collar, four white paws, white underside, & white blaze).  He is a CHW (color-headed-white), so is white-factored as well.

Jasper is a super sweet pup! He's outgoing and smart. He loves cuddling with his people, while also enjoying running and playing with the other pups. He's got a fun loving personality and he is very sweet. He will totally fall asleep in your arms!

$2000 limited AKC registration / 

$2500 full AKC registration