Southside Shelties

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This page will contain links that we think are useful for sheltie owner!

Lupine Pet -- -- this is a company where we often get collars and harnesses for our dogs.  Their products are well-constructed and are guaranteed for life, even if chewed!  We can vouch for this -- when Misty chewed through her step-in harness, we filled out the form on their site, attached a picture of the chewed harness, and they sent out a new one later that day!  Great products, and even better, excellent customer service!

Sheltie Talk by Betty Jo McKinney (book) -- an exceptional book about shelties!  A must read for the educated sheltie owner!  Available on Amazon -- link here

Canine Connect Dog Sports -- -- this is the dog sports center where Misty is training in agility.  Awesome people, awesome trainers, high recommend the place!  

Tail-Waggers Treats by Wendy -- -- these are dog treats made by a local company.  Our shelties go nuts over them, especially their ice cream cone treats!

Lori's Tasty Treats -- / 219-313-0105 -- Lori is a local woman who sells awesome dog treats.  Our shelties go nuts over them!  They are all-natural and they smell exactly like their flavors!  Our dogs' two favorites are the pizza and the snickerdoodle flavors... though there are quite a few flavors available!  

Companion Dog Sports Program -- -- this is a type of obedience-based dog sports... but more fun!