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Puppy Contract

This is our Puppy Contract.  It is available for download as well:  Puppy Contract

This Puppy Contract is signed when new owners take their puppies home.  It is available for you to download (above) or read (below).


Southside Shelties

Guarantee / Puppy Contract

This contract is a written agreement between Ashley Gajda / Southside Shelties, referred to as “Breeder” and ______________________________________, referred to as “Buyer.” Puppy is being sold as a (description) __________________________________________________ whelped on ___________________.

Sire: _________________________________________________________________________

Dam: ________________________________________________________________________

The above referenced puppy is a purebred Shetland Sheepdog. This puppy is / is not registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Registration application will be supplied by the Breeder, if applicable.

_____ Puppy purchased as a pet / companion. Registration is considered to be “Limited Registration.”

_____ Puppy purchased with full breeding rights. Registration is considered to be “Full Registration.” However, there will not be a breeding quality guarantee.

Buyer agrees to a total purchase price of ____________ for the above-mentioned puppy. Buyer will provide a non-refundable deposit of ____________ to hold the puppy / dog in Buyer’s name until the puppy is of age to go to its new home (usually around 8 weeks of age).

Breeder will notify Buyer when the puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and has had its first shots at around seven (7) weeks of age. At that time, Breeder will inform Buyer of the first possible date to pick up the puppy, typically around a week later. Breeder will hold the puppy an additional seven (7) days past this first pickup date, as a courtesy to allow Buyer time to pick up the puppy. Should Buyer not be able to pick up the puppy for a longer period of time than this 7-day-period, boarding will be charged at $5.00 per day, and any expenses that Breeder incurs for shots, boarding away from Breeder’s residence, etc., will be paid by Buyer at time of pickup.

Breeder guarantees said puppy is healthy and free from disease at the time of purchase. The puppy will have received a full veterinary examination before ownership is transferred to Buyer. Puppies come with a 72-hour health guarantee from the time of pickup. If the puppy is found to be in poor health, as evidenced by a written statement from a licensed veterinarian, Buyer may elect to keep the puppy and assume all costs for its care, or Buyer may return the puppy for a full refund. Internal and external parasites (such as fleas, ticks, worms) are fairly common in puppies, and are easily treated – these are not covered by this guarantee.

Breeder guarantees the puppy for one year against genetic defects such as hip dysplasia, serious eye defects, or other defects which cause severe disability (such as degenerative myelopathy and Von Willebrand’s Disease). This does not include hip deformation or abnormalities caused by injury, neglect, or other environmental conditions. In the event the puppy is found to have a genetic defect, this defect must be documented by a licensed veterinarian and documentation provided to Breeder. If a genetic disorder is found, the puppy must be returned, and Breeder will replace the puppy with a puppy of the same color and sex from the next available litter.

Although said puppy may be of show and/or breeding quality, this contract does not guarantee these qualities. Breeder only asks that Buyer use discretion and good judgment before breeding the puppy. Breeding of this puppy shall indicate that Buyer believes to the best of their abilities that said puppy is free from genetic defects covered by this guarantee.

Breeder cannot guarantee adult size or conformation. Buyer releases Breeder and agrees to hold harmless for any liability, injuries, or damages to persons or property caused by this puppy. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the puppy once it leaves possession of the Breeder, except as specified in this contract.

Buyer must maintain timely and appropriate vaccinations, de-wormings, and heartworm-preventative medications for their puppy / dog. Failure to do so voids this contract. The puppy will be up to date on vaccinations and de-wormings when it leaves the possession of Breeder, and these records will be provided to Buyer.

If at any time, Buyer is unable to, or chooses to not keep said puppy / dog, Buyer will contact Breeder and return the puppy / dog to Breeder. At no time should a puppy / dog from Southside Shelties be surrendered to a breed rescue / animal shelter / humane society. We will always take them back. No refund or replacement will be given under these circumstances. If the puppy is sold to someone other than the person listed as Buyer on this contract, this contract is null and void.

Special Agreements:


I have personally seen this puppy, read the above, understand, and am in agreement with this contract:

Buyer (sign): ____________________________________________ Date: ____________

Buyer (print): ____________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Phone #: ______________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Total Amount Of Puppy: ________________

Payments Received:

Amount: ____________ Method: ____________ Date: ____________

Amount: ____________ Method: ____________ Date: ____________

Amount: ____________ Method: ____________ Date: ____________

Breeder: __________________________________________________ Date: ____________